CCTV or  (Closed Circuit Television) drain, pipe, or sewer survey is a quick, reliable and consistent method of checking the integrity of underground pipe, sewer or stormwater drainage systems.

Using the most up-to-date and state of the art CCTV equipment Newcastle Locating Services can provide an instant snap shot of the condition of these assets.

Inspections of these drains, pipes and sewers can reveal and cracks or defects in the wall structure, debris blockages, and any other conditions within the pipe that prevent it from functioning like it should.

Our inspection cameras can survey pipes from as little as 50mm in diameter through to 1300mm pipes, including junctions and manholes areas.

Newcastle Locating services is Nationally accredited and is able to create Wincan reports compliant with the reporting Code of Australia WSA05.

All CCTV pipe inspection surveys are recorded and can be stored on USB sticks for easy hand-over and access to the client.

The information can be passed on as a detailed report of specific areas throughout the pipe network, including junctions, blockages, debris, cracks or simply just deterioration of the network.

Footage is of the highest quality and can be viewed with the click of a button.

CCTV inspection can assess the condition and pipes to identify the need for:

  • Sewer Cleaning of Pipes both domestic households, sewer networks in the road and city, and in commercial such as shopping centers and retail stores
  • Removing of debris build-up via High Pressure water Jetting
  • Root cutting of pipes broken by tree roots
  • Blockage removal via High Pressure water Jetting
  • Final cleaning of stormwater and Sewer networks after Builders have finished.
  • GPT cleaning

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