Newcastle Locating Services have underground cable locators and trailer mounted vacuum excavators available for projects on the Central Coast, Singleton, Dungog, Sydney and Muswellbrook.

For the safe and efficient location of Telstra/Optus lines, optic fibre cables, water pipes/mains, sewers and other electrical lines, you need a combination of non-destructive digging with trailer mounted vacuum excavators and ground penetrating radar equipment. Once the underground cable locator finds the cables, you mark the surface over the lines.

You must use ground penetrating radar in conjunction with a 'dial before you dig' plan so that the locator knows what they're searching for. Along with the underground cable locator, Newcastle Locating Services also has a trailer mounted vacuum excavators and sucker truck hire available for clients in Maitland, Hunter Valley and Singleton.

Our clients use this non-destructive digging method because: 

  • They need to plan road upgrades, inner city planning, new building development and repairing or putting in new electrical, water and gas lines.
  • ​It's cost-effective. Hydro excavation is precise, and the liability lies with the company performing the digging instead of with the client. 
  • Hydro excavation is great for congested areas. It removes the debris to a holding tank and keeps tight project spaces clear and safe. 
  • Fires, accidents and emergencies happen and there is no time for a 'dial before you dig' plan. You'll be able to get to the damaged line and repair it quickly without damaging it further.

Get Newcastle Locating Services' cable detector for your project in Sydney and Dungog.

If you need to find utilities before your dig, surface marking is another option. A cable detector transmits a list of frequencies to the operator that allows them to mark over the lines with a non-permanent line-marking paint. We can also use ground penetrating radar to send electromagnetic waves through the ground to display any cables, pipes or dense objects.

You'll get sitemaps with measurements, boundaries and guidelines as well as a clear underground picture to guide your digging. It's perfect for non-destructive digging projects in Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens or Muswellbrook.


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