Newcastle Locating Services offer excavation services including non-destructive digging and sucker truck hire for projects in Muswellbrook, Port Stephens, Maitland, Hunter Valley, and Newcastle.

Civil works, mining and construction companies often use non-destructive digging with quality hydro excavation equipment to complete projects that involve utility lines or underground cables to avoid damaging them. These excavation services use a hydro-vacuum or sucker truck to break up the soil with pressurised water and extract it out to the debris holding tank simultaneously.

We offer vacuum excavation that is safe, quick and precise with virtually no risk of damaging the underground utilities, and that’s why companies in Port Macquarie, Sydney and Muswellbrook call on Newcastle Locating Services.

We can use our hydro excavation equipment and sucker truck hire to perform a variety of excavation services including potholing, trenching, debris removal, utility exposure, piling hole excavation, remote digging and more.


Potholing- When you use a hydro-vacuum to excavate and expose underground utilities, this is potholing. It's non-destructive digging that comes with a reduced risk of damage, and it's also time saving and cost-effective. Potholing is great for sign, fence and telephone pole installation projects in Hunter Valley.

Trenching – We can assist with your trenching projects on the Central Coast or in Singleton that involve digging narrow trenches to lay cables, pipes or other in-ground utilities. We can install sprinkler systems, locate any underground utilities and perform installations even in frozen ground without worrying about damage to the existing lines.

Debris Removal - If you need to clean up spills, remove sludge and perform catch basin cleaning, using vacuum excavation is efficient because it funnels the debris out into a holding tank without causing damage to the surrounding area.

    Utility Exposure – We can expose buried utility lines by breaking up the ground directly around them with pressurised water without risk of damage. Additionally, it'll leave the surrounding area undisturbed.

    Remote Digging - For tight worksites or small spaces in Port Stephens, Newcastle or Maitland, you can have your hydro excavation equipment away from the actual dig site. This eliminates congestion, and you can also have smaller machines come in to complete the project.


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