Newcastle Locating Services offer underground utility locating with GPR ground penetrating radar for projects in the Hunter Valley, Sydney, Dungog, Newcastle, Maitland and Central Coast.

(GPR) Ground penetrating radar is an underground utility location method that uses radar pulses to give workers a clear picture of buried lines, pipes and cables. It's non-destructive, and it uses electromagnetic radiation like you find in microwaves (UHF/VHF frequencies) to reflect the signals back to the receptor.

At Newcastle Location Services, we offer ground penetrating radar hire to large and small companies in Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Dungog and the surrounds. We have the newer Mala Ground Penetrating Radar on hand and ready to go, and this can help our clients:

  • ​Detect underground assets 
  • Make cost-effective and informed decisions about their underground assets and any upcoming projects that concern said assets 
  • Prevent damage to the underground assets

Our ground penetrating radar cost is extremely competitive, and both small and large companies can use it as a service locator through soil, ice, rock, pavements, fresh water and structures. It detects material changes, objects, voids and cracks quickly and efficiently. Our clients from Maitland to the Central Coast have used our ground penetrating radar hire for a variety of projects including: 

  • Concrete scanning for embedded electrical cables and steel reinforcing 
  • Underground utility locations (gas, power, water, Optic Fibre, communications and more)
  • Fibre-cement, PVC and Terracotta water mains, stormwater and sewers
  • Underground storage tank locating 
  • Locating dead or non-conductive cables and conduits

Use Newcastle Locating Services' (GPR) ground penetrating radar for projects in Singleton and Sydney.

Our clients in Port Stephens and Muswellbrook use our underground utility locating to help them complete their projects quickly and efficiently. Since our ground penetrating radar cost is so competitive, smaller companies and individual owner-operators can use it as well without going over their budgets. A few reasons to use our service locator in Port Stephens or Hunter Valley are:

  • Non-destructive, and it requires no digging
  • Does not rely on copper cabling or conductive material to transmit a signal, and this allows it to find what a simple locator can find 
  • More cost-effective than other locating methods
  • Short downtime period that gives you quick information


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