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Concrete scanning put simply is the process of scanning and inspecting the inside of concrete structures. Concrete scanning is successful when using non-destructive technology like a concrete-specific ground penetrating radar (GPR). A GPR is capable of penetrating concrete in a variety of conditions and within a set depth range to detect objects and anomalies. A GPR employs non-destructive radio waves with a typical frequency range of 1 to 1000 MHz to map the inside of concrete structures. Experienced concrete scanning workers or engineers are required to interpret any detected anomalies to determine what is located within concrete structures. Having full access to this crucial information establishes the concrete areas that will need to be avoided for work to take place.

Concrete scanning is useful to inspect a range of concrete objects including:

  • Balconies​
  • Beams
  • Bridges
  • Ceilings
  • Columns
  • Decks
  • Encasements
  • Floors
  • Pylons
  • Roofs
  • Slabs
  • Tunnels
  • Walls

What is Concrete Scanning used for?

Our team specialise in concrete scanning for a wide range of construction projects that require the inspection of concrete. Concrete scanning is an essential process required before cutting or coring into a concrete structure on a construction site. Without having full awareness of what lies beneath concrete, the budget, building structure and workers of the construction project are exposed to potential risk. Therefore, the concrete scanning information obtained will prevent workers from cutting and damaging cables, reinforcement or utilities. Damaging these may result in potential danger or higher costs exceeding the budget. Our professional and reliable team use the highly detailed information collected from the concrete scanning to avoid any serious incidents.

Most of the concrete scanning our team does involves searching for:

  • Reo-bars in concrete slabs
  • Post tension cables in concrete slabs
  • Electrical and communication cables and conduits in concrete slabs
  • Water, gas and other forms of pipeline in concrete slabs

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Locating Reo-bars with Concrete Scanning

Reo-bars are reinforced steel bars designed to reinforce concrete slabs by bonding the concrete in a compressed state. We utilise a GPR to efficiently detect and map reo-bars located within concrete slabs. The GPR provides almost 100% accuracy in mapping the exact location and depth of reo-bars to safely avoid damage when cutting and coring.

Locating Post Tension Cables with Concrete Scanning

Post tension cables are steel wires inserted into plastic coverings used to create thinner concrete slabs and greater distances between support concrete columns. The best method to locate post tension cables in concrete slabs is to utilise a GPR. We ensure the GPR is set to a higher frequency to focus on targets 400-500mm deep within concrete slabs.

Locating Electrical and Communication Cables and Conduits with Concrete Scanning

Electrical and communication cables and conduits are commonly found in concrete slabs to connect us to the world. Our concrete scanning method with a GPR gives us the exact location of the cables and conduits to avoid them when penetrating concrete slabs. Mistakenly cutting into cables or conduits can result in expensive repairs or remediation costs.

Locating Pipelines with Concrete Scanning

With use of our cutting-edge GPR technology, we can accurately locate water, gas and other pipelines in concrete slabs. Our GPR can locate metallic and non-metallic pipes from 2-3m sub-surface, or 300-400mm deep for indoor locating. Water and gas pipelines must be kept intact, otherwise everyday functioning may be disturbed.


Concrete Scanning across New South Wales

Newcastle Locating Services perform superior concrete scanning services across New South Wales in Central Coast, Singleton, Dungog, Sydney and Muswellbrook.


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